Cascade for Inventory & Supply Chain

Connect systems and distribute data for an automated supply chain

Build automated data pipelines to ensure you have a clear line of sight into each component of your supply chain. Ensure data get to the right people at the right time, and set alerts for when things go wrong.
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“Importing new client data at scale is a huge chore. Cleaning, transorming, merging... Now all happens in one place. Cascade.”
Craig Hamilton
Solutions Consutant, Hivery

Connect to the data sources that power your process

Connect to the data that powers your business, wherever it is. Automatically import data from Snowflake, Big Query, Redshift, Google Sheets and many more.

Build repeatable business logic without code

Complex businesses need custom transformations. Build the datasets you need without code in Cascade’s browser-based toolkit.

Automate data distribution and alerts

Set workflows on a schedule to ensure on-time delivery of data. Monitor flows with custom alerts to ensure things move according to plan -- and tell you when they don’t.

Start from a template

See how other teams in the Cascade Community are turning their data into action.

Solutions for making data actionable