Cascade for Customer Data Onboarding

Improve implementation times by up to 50% — no code required

Say goodbye to the endless email back-and-forth. Accelerate your customer time-to-value with a platform to seamlessly integrate, validate, and ingest even the messiest customer data without relying on your engineering team.
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How it works
Custom integration portal
Create a beautiful data-onboarding experience for your partners. A single destination for both requirements and data submission
Share data requirements
Forget emailed PDFs and CSVs— your single source of truth for dataset requirements is always up-to-date.
Upload or connect data
Invite partners to upload traditional flat files, or connect directly to their preferred data warehouse
Run advanced validations
Perform custom validation suites on submission data. Column formatting checks and cross-table validation.
Schedule and monitor
Automate data uploads and easily create alerts in case anything goes wrong

Less time onboarding means more time creating value for your customers

“Importing new client data at scale is a huge chore. Cleaning, transforming, merging... Now all happens in one place. Cascade.”
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Reduce back-and-forth with a structured customer onboarding experience

No more emailing 10 page schema PDFs. Communicate your precise data requirements with a step-by-step onboarding experience. Manage sample data validation, gap identification and workshopping with an approachable, drag-and-drop interface the whole team can use.

Manage complex validation across datasets

Integrate, clean, and validate data from multiple different data sources, all in a single onboarding experience that captures the full complexity of your system, without confusing customers. Excel-like formulas and instant data previews make manipulating and ingesting the messiest customer data easy, no engineering support needed.

Keep customer teams and product in sync, seamlessly

Your product is evolving—your onboarding should stay up-to-date automatically, too. Changes to your data workflows automatically update everywhere, so your team can focus on helping your customers, not changing documentation.