Internal audit

Automate audit analytics

without code

Cascade's no-code data workflows automate testing, validation and anomaly detection for data from any source. With Cascade, auditors have the flexibility they need to simplify processes, improve results and get more done.
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Cascade offers a no-code data transformation toolkit, allowing teams to translate raw data into the information their teams need and deliver it as tables, charts or interactive apps. Some examples of data put to work:

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Import and clean data from any source

Integrate, clean, and validate data from multiple different data sources, all in a single workflow. Excel-like formulas, intelligent tools and instant results make wrangling ingesting the messiest data easy, no engineering support needed.

Build automated rules, checks and validations without code

Automate sampling, risk scoring, Benford's law, outlier analysis and more with Cascade's suite of tools

Share interactive reports that are always up to date

Once built, workflows stay up to date automatically, and can be exposed as sharable, interactive reports